Ficus elastica 'Robusta'. Rubber plant that can purify the air. House plant in 14cm pot

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Ficus elastica is one of the most popular house plants for indoors: Ficus elastica 'Robusta' is particularly easy to look after. This house plant has large, glossy, dark green leaves. These are highly efficient at filtering toxins from the air.

  • Can grow large in ideal situations, but can be pruned to suit requirements.
  • Water regularly but never allow the compost to feel soggy.
  • Avoid letting this plant sit in water as this can cause root rot.
  • Can cope with low-light situations but medium light levels are ideal.
  • Sold in a 14cm pot.
  • Currently around 40cm tall, including the pot. 
  • Please note: The height quoted for this plant is a guide only. These plants are living and therefore will grow! The plant you receive might be a slightly different size to the one you see in the photograph.
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