Ficus benjamina. Golden King house plant. 105cm tall. Large weeping fig tree

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ficus golden king

Ficus benjamina 'Golden King' is a wonderful house plant that not only brings a feeling of peace and calm to a home but also physically filters the toxins from the air.

The Ficus is one of the most popular house plant trees available. This particular variety has beautiful green foliage edged with a creamy gold. it is said that the leaves 'light up the room'. This rather beautiful ornamental tree is very adaptable. Ficus benjamina is an easy to care for house plant which has great architectural presence.

  • The natural Ficus benjamina can grow up to 20m tall in the wild, but as a house plant this Ficus will grow according to its pot size and position in the home. 
  • These are simple to keep.
  • Water once per week (approximately) but don't allow them to stand in water. Allow the soil to partially dry out before watering again.
  • Ficus enjoy natural light but prefer not to be in direct sunlight.
  • Feed with general house plant fertiliser about once per month during the main growing season.
  • These house plants can be pruned as necessary in order to maintain a pleasant shape.
  • The weeping fig has glossy,variegated leaves which droop and shimmer in air movement.
  • As an added bonus it filters toxins, thus purifying the air. It can extract many types of pollutants including ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.
  • Sold in a 21cm pot and measures up to 105cm in height, including pot.
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