Ficus benjamina Danielle with braided stem. House plant.17cm pot. Weeping fig. 65cm tall

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ficus danielle braid

A braided stem makes this charming houseplant look unique. What's more, it cleans toxins from the air too.

Ficus benjamina 'Danielle' is a charming house plant which has been trained, when very young, thus creating a beautiful braided stem. As the plant matures so the braided stem fuses into one.

  • This house plant is very easy to care for. It likes a moderate amount of light but not direct sunlight as this might scorch the leaves.
  • Water regularly, but allow the compost to partially dry out between waterings.
  • If you with to re-pot, do this in spring and transfer the plant to a pot that is just one size larger.
  • These plants prefer to be slightly pot-bound but ensure there are enough drainage holes as it will not like to be soggy.
  • As an added bonus it filters toxins from the air, thus purifying the environment around it. This plant is actually good for you!
  • Sold in a 17cm pot


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