Ficus benjamina Anastasia weeping fig house plant in a 17cm Pot

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anastasia 17

Ficus benjamina 'Anastasia' is a type of indoor weeping fig and this is one of the most popular house plant, or even indoor trees available. This particular has the most striking foliage, with the variegation being lime green, looking highly effective beside the dark green

  • Prized for its glossy, two-toned green foliage.
  • Adaptable in terms of light, but does need some natural light.
  • Can grow outdoors in warmer climates and happy to go outside during a British summer. If so, keep in a sheltered, slightly shaded spot.
  • An excellent plant for cleaning the air, as it filters toxins and gives out oxygen.
  • Water sparingly - and never allow the roots to sit in water.
  • Sold in a 17cm pot.
  • Currently around 60+cm tall, including the pot.


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