Festuca glaucaAzure Blue Evergreen ornamental grass in a 14cm pot.

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festuca glauca azure

Festuca glauca is a compact, tidy ornamental grass. It's evergreen and is well known for its needle-like, silvery blue foliage and its neat, clump-forming habit.

Likes full sun and well-drained soils.

  • In June and July this grass produces blue-green flowers on spikes.
  • Looks good in a gravel garden and also combines well with maroon and burgundy colours in the garden.
  • It's fully hardy and easy to maintain.
  • Just comb the foliage through with your fingers during winter to remove any dead foliage.
  • These plants might need replacing every few years.
  • They do self-seed in a well-mannered way but the parent plant gradually deteriorates.
  • Very useful groundcover.
  • Ultimate height and spread: 30cm
  • Sold in a 10cm pot.
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