Ferraria Crispa Bulb x 1 Starfish Lily

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Ferraria Crispa, Strfish Lily, Starfish Iris

This attractive oddity is a must-have for all plant collectors out there. The unusual star-shaped flowers of the starfish lily are heavily patterned with mottled brown and yellow markings and purple splashes. Remaining closed on a dull day, they will burst open as soon as the sun shines down on them, so make sure to set your bulbs in a garden hot spot for the best display. Starfish lily plants can also be grown as a greenhouse or conservatory specimen plant. While hardy across much of the UK we have rated it as half-hardy for those gardening in colder regions of the country, where it may be best to lift the bulbs in autumn, or for convenience, grow them in pots and plunge them into border soils for summer display, lifting again in autumn. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 25cm (10")

These are from quality bulbs from bulb growers Taylors and come prepacked with planting instructions.

  • Perfect for beds & borders
  • Good for cut flowers

  • Flowers All summer long
  • Full height up to 90cm
  • Pack contains 1 tuber
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