Fancy Leaf Geranium Occold Shield Plant in a 10cm Pot

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geranium occold shield 10
Pelargonium Occold Shield, Geranium

The great advantage and attraction of the flowers from the Pelargonium family, or geraniums, is that they flower month after month and that they are almost idiot proof as long as they get water.

The care of Geraniums is wonderfully simple:- •After buying your then in the spring you can plant the geraniums in any window box or pot with standard potting soil in it. •Water them and let them grow and flower. •Beware that you do not give them too much water. They do not like that and will get yellow leaves.

Geraniums like to stay in the sun. To keep the exuberant flowering, you can feed them regularly with fertilizer for flowering plants. Remove the faded and ugly flowers and leaves regularly to make room for new flowers.

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