Fagus sylvatica Beech Hedging Plant in 19cm Pot

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fagus sylvatica 19.1

Fagus sylvatica is our well known and much-loved beech tree which is quite common in the south of the UK and Wales but much less seen across the rest of the country. It is also known as the common or European beech.

Large in stature, a fully mature beech tree can easily reach heights of more than 40m. This is a truly versatile plant as it is excellent for hedging and also withstands coppicing very well.


  • Thrives in well-drained, slightly acid soils and can also cope with neutral and alkaline soil.
  • Has smooth, silver-grey bark.
  • The leaves open as a fresh green and gradually darken in colour through the summer.
  • In autumn the foliage turns a rich golden yellow.
  • Deciduous.
  • Can tolerate full sun through to semi-shade.
  • Often called the queen of British trees (with the oak being king).
  • Can live for hundreds of years and coppiced trees are capable of living to 1000 years.
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