Euphorbia trigona Rubra cactus succulent house plant. 35cm tall. Purple Cactus

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euphorbia trigona 10cm

Euphorbia trigona f. rubra is also known as the African Milk Tree cactus plant. This succulent is native to western Africa and it appreciates warm temperatures and free-draining compost. It is not hardy here in the UK and should be treated as a house plant. 

  • Very easy to care for. 
  • Also known as the purple cactus because of the colour of the stems.
  • Provide free-draining compost to try to mimic the natural environment.
  • This could be considered to be among the lowest-maintenance of ornamentals.
  • Water regularly but never allow the compost to feel wet.
  • Sold in a 12cm pot.
  • The plant is currently about 35cm tall, including the pot.
  • Sold in a 12cm pot.

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