Euphorbia neriifolia succulent house plant in 12cm ot x 1. China Cactus

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euphorbia nerifolia

Euphorbia neriifolia is also known as the Indian spurge plant, the China cactus, the hedge Euphorobia and even the Oleander leafed spurge. Such a multitude of names for this unusual house plant!

  • In its native surroundings of India, this plant grows into a large shrub or small tree, measuring up to 6m.
  • It has thick stems with spines which spiral around the stems.
  • The leaves are green and can measure up to 30cms long on a mature tree.
  • Resembles a cactus.
  • Can also produce small, yellow-green flowers.
  • Here in the UK it is treated as a house plant but can survive in a conservatory that is unheated.
  • It likes high light levels and well-draining compost.
  • Does not enjoy a drought, however, so water regularly.
  • Never allow the compost to stay soggy.
  • One plant in a 12cm pot.
  • Height, including container, approximately 35cm.
  • Please note that every plant is different and the photo is an example only.
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