Euphorbia milii Red succulent house plant in a 5cm pot Crown of Thorns

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euphorbia milii red 5

Euphorbia milii Red succulent house plant. Christ Plant, Crown of Thorns.

Euphorbia milii is a succulent plant growing up to 1.5m tall, although here in the UK it will be restricted by the size of its pot.

  • The woody stems are green with grey/brown, branched and with many prominent grey spines.
  • The thick fleshy leaves are arranged in a spiral and they are bright green to greyish green, oval shaped with a smooth edge.
  • They produce delightful red flowers, hence the name.
  • Easy to care for, do not overwater, however.
  • These enjoy a bright, sunny spot but keep out of scorching afternoon sun.
  • One plant only. Starter plant sold in a 5cm pot.
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