Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Koi Boy' spindle tree in a 12 Litre Pot

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Euonymus hamiltonianus 'Koi Boy' is a form of spindle tree that produces unusual white seed capsules. When these split open they reveal bright red seeds in late summer. These are said to resemble Koi carp, hence the name!

The multi-stemmed shrub or small tree produces clusters of small creamy-yellow flowers in spring.

A large sometimes semi-evergreen shrub.

The ovate leaves turn lemon yellow in autumn. 

Ultimate height is up to 4m tall.

All trees are grown for a full growing season before despatch in 12 (litre) or 7 (litre) 'long pots' to encourage deep rooting for stability and fast establishment after planting. Our 7L Ornamental range includes the more unusual and slow growing varieties. Sizes and shapes vary but every care is taken to produce trees that are proportionate to the natural vigour and habit of the individual tree. Where appropriate they are summer pruned to encourage branching and flowering /fruiting. In the majority of varieties, minimum height is 1.5m, the exceptions will be certain shrubby and multi stemmed trees naturally of a bushy nature.

Please allow up to five days for delivery. Pictures in this listing are library pictures that reflect the trees' main qualities and are for reference only

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