Coconut palm house plant. Cocos nucifera with coco pod attached. Indoor palm

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Cocos nucifera is a coconut palm tree that can grow to heights of up to 30m in the wild. It grows naturally on tropical coastlines and likes full sun and free-draining soils.

As a house plant, you will need to try to replicate the conditions that it loves. Place the plant in a brightly-lit position and ensure to give the palm warm temperatures. You can place it out in a sunny garden during the summer.

  • Likes regular water, but don't allow the compost to remain soggy.
  • Likes high humidity, as in its natural habitat it will receive regular rainfall. Therefore mist the fronds with water on a regular basis.
  • This is a slow-growing plant, the height after around five years might reach just over 100cm tall.
  • The plant might measure anything up to 120cm tall at present.
  • It is growing in a 19cm pot.

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