Echeveria shaviana Pink Frills Succulent House Plant in a 10.5cm Pot x 1

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echeveria pink frills

Echeveria shaviana 'Pink Frills' is also known as Mexican hens and chicks. This succulent plant is treated as a house plant here in the UK, but it can go out into the garden during the summer. The succulent foliage transforms as it ages, from mauve and purple, through to silvery blue and green.

  • The new leaves appear at the centre of the rosette and these are purple at first.
  • The leaves all have pink edges and these become frilly as they mature.
  • Much like Sempervivum, this plant forms a central rosette of foliage surrounded by many offsets.
  • The fleshy, pointed spoon-shaped leaves form rosettes up to five inches wide.
  • Orange-pink flowers are produced on narrow, arching wands in summer.
  • Likes sunshine.
  • Water regularly but sparingly and never allow the plant to sit in soggy compost.
  • Sold in a 10.5cm pot
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