Drosera nidiformis carnivorous plant in a 8.5 cm pot. Cape Sundew insect eater!

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Drosera nidiformis is a carnivorous plant which is known as a subtropical sundew. Hailing from South Africa, this is a plant that enjoys a bright location.

  • It reaches its full potential when fed often, especially when grown in a bright location outdoors, when it can catch plenty of insect prey.
  • Drosera nidiformis is easy to grow and to keep.
  • It produces viable seed which germinates easily.
  • It has a clumping/spreading habit.
  • Water using rainwater rather than tap water.
  • Protect from frost.
  • These can live in a greenhouse during the warmer times of year.
  • Growing in an 8.5cm pot.
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