Drosera Capensis Alba Carnivorous Plant in a 12cm Pot. Cape Sundew Plant

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drosera alba 12
Drosera capensis Alba

Drosera capensis, also called the Cape sundew, is perhaps the perfect carnivorous plant for a beginner. The "Alba" variety of Cape sundew has all-white tentacles instead of the typical red coloration, and their flowers are white instead of pink. Cape sundew grow large stems with many long, green leaves. The end of each leaf is covered in small tentacles with tiny droplets of mucilage on each one. When an insect becomes stuck to a cape sundew leaf, the leaf slowly curls around the trapped insect and digests it. "Alba" Cape sundews produce flower stalks up to 12" tall with numerous showy, white flowers. Drosera capensis "Alba" grow year-round and can adapt to almost any condition.

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