Dracaena compacta two stem house plant in a 17cm pot

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dracaena compacta 2 stem 17 65

Dracaena compacta dragon tree with two stems

Dracaena compacta is a delightful house plant which has dark green, small leaves. They grow in compact and tidy profusion and are distinctively different to other Dracaena plants.

  • This is a slow-growing member of the Dracaena family.
  • Native to South East Africa.
  • Also known as Dracaena fragrans or Dracaena deremensis.
  • The two stems are thick and robust and there are clumps of short, dark green leaves.
  • Do not allow this plant to stand in water.
  • Water regularly but allow to partially dry out between waterings.
  • 2 stem plant in a 17cm pot.
  • Approximately 55-65cm tall including container
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