Doodia media Fern Plant in a 13cm Pot. Rasp Fern. Rarely Offered

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doodia media

Doodia media is also known as the rasp fern and this shade-loving plant is hardy down to around -7degrees. It might need protection during very cold winters but should survive if planted in a sheltered spot.

  • Exotic-looking evergreen or semi-evergreen.
  • Native to New Zealand.
  • New fronds emerge in spring and these are bright red, changing to dark green as they mature.
  • The stems remain red and this creates a striking contrast with the green foliage.
  • Ultimate height: 40cms.
  • Ultimate spread: 120cms.
  • Spacing: up to 90cms centres.
  • Thrives in damp, shady conditions.
  • Prefers slightly acidic soil.
  • Growing in a 13cm pot.
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