Cupressus Wilma Goldcrest Evergreen Conifer Tree. 50-60cm in height

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cupressus wilma 50

Cupressus 'Wilma' is a charming evergreen conifer that has bright and cheerful lime or yellow-coloured, pineapple scented foliage! If left to its own devices this conifer will form into an upright columnar shape and it is a relatively slow grower. Expect it to grow to 2m tall in about 10 years and ultimately it can reach  4.5m. 

  • This plant responds well to clipping and can be shaped into a ball or even into topiary.
  • Can also be highly successful in patio pots and bedding designs.
  • Give it sunshine and good drainage and it will reward you with its sunny character all year round. 
  • The plant is currently around 50-60cm in height including the pot. 
  • Sold in a 14/15cm pot.
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