Crawling Zombie Garden Gnome. Terracotta Garden Gnome. Glow in the dark eyes

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zombie crawling gnome
Don't drag your feet with this guy around! The Zombie Gnome's afflicted cousin is a crawler!! Hot on the heels-literally-of the original Zombie Gnome comes the Zombie Gnome Crawler, complete with bloodied-stump legs and glow in the dark eyes. Made of weather resistant and hand-painted terracotta, the disconcerting addition to our very own "Lawn of the Dead" arrives on the scene just in time to define the beautiful amalgamation of two micro-trend moments: gnomes and zombies are both enjoying a resurgance in popularity. And while gardens everywhere are experiencing a traditional ceramic-booted revolution, hopefully this infected ornament can inspire a whole new generation of gnome-lovers! Features: Novelty Garden Gnome Glow in the dark eyes Handcrafted terracotta Weather resistant paint The gnome measures approx. 23(L) x 12.5(W) x 14 (H)cm Get them before they get you!
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