Crassula undulata Curly house plant in a 12cm pot. Wavy leaf jade plant

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Crassula undulata 'Curly', is also known as the wavy leaf jade plant or money tree and it makes an excellent house plant.
This is a rather unusual Jade or money plant.

  • It has blue-green leaves that can develop a red edge if temperatures are on the chilly side.
  • Easy to maintain - just look after this house plant in the same way as the more common Jade plant.
  • Also known as the Money plant, Jade plant or friendship tree, Crassula has glossy green fleshy leaves.
  • The trunk on this plant becomes thick with age and they develop interesting stem patterns. You can cultivate new plants by simply sticking a leaf into some soil.
  • These shrubby succulents make great easy to maintain house plants.
  • These succulent house plants are reputed to bring wealth to the household. Just stroke the leaves and see what happens!
  • Treat as a house plant in the UK.
  • Crassula enjoy a sunny, light position.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Water regularly but do not allow this plant to stand in water. Allow to partially dry out between waterings.
  • Very easy to care for. Just give the leaves a wipe if it becomes dusty.
  • Sold in a 12cm pot.
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