Crassula marginalis succulent house plant in 15cm hanging pot

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crassula marginalis 15.1

Crassula marginalis is a charming succulent house plant with small, fleshy leaves. This interesting house plant is so named because it has a coloured margin on the foliage. It makes an attractive house plant that is easy to keep provided it has free-draining compost and a bright position.

  • Naturally grows as a low-mounded groundcover.
  • As a house plant it makes a highly effective trailing plant.
  • Slow growing.
  • Naturally occurring in Mediterranean desert areas, also in sub-tropical regions.
  • Leaf colour can be green or purple with a leaf margin in white, yellow, pink, purple or more than one colour.
  • The leaves are triangular in shape and fleshy.
  • Given ideal conditions, this plant will flower with white flowers which appear on stems in clusters.
  • Water when the compost feels dry just under the surface but never allow this plant to sit in water.
  • Growing in 15cm hanging pot. Hnagers are easily unclipped if not required.


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