Crassula afra Variegata House Plant in a 14cm Hanging Pot

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crassula varie

Crassula afra f. variagata is also known as Portulacaria afra and commonly known as the Elephant Bush. Treated as a house plant here in the UK, the plant is a succulent and it has fleshy, variegated leaves. These contrast well against the brown stems.

  • In ideal conditions it will produce small pink flowers in spring.
  • Succulent plant that stores water in its leaves.
  • Adopts a hanging, trailing habit as it matures.
  • Needs a bright position.
  • Requires free-draining compost.
  • Water only occasionally, but thoroughly.
  • Never allow the roots to sit in water.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Growing in a 14cm hanging pot.
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