Codonanthe crassifolia house plant in 14cm hanging pot

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codonanthe crassiflora

Codonanthe crassifolia is an evergreen hanging and trailing plant that responds well to living as a house plants here in the UK. In the wilds of Brazil, West Indies and Central America, it is an eiphytic plant that often grows in association wtih tree ant nests, hanging from tall trees and shrubs. It therefore follows that it likes to be watered little and often, but doesn't like its roots to be soggy.

  • A creeping vine that is compact in nature.
  • The stems root and it's possible to form new plants by propagating these.
  • The botanical name comes from the Greek for bellflower.
  • Small red stems, with round, dark foliage.
  • The flowers are pale pink through to white. These have a strong scent.
  • Can form berry-like fruits after flowering.
  • Looks good in a hanging pot or cascading from a shelf.
  • Position in a warm room, out of direct sunlight.
  • Sold in 14cm hanging pot. Please note that hangers can be easily removed.
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