Codiaeum variegatum Petra house plant in 12cm pot.

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codiaem petra 12

This wonderful house plant, codiaeum variegatum 'Petra' is a highly colourful variety which has stiff, leathery leaves. The foliage comes in bold colours of yellow, pink, red, orange and green. For obvious reasons it is also known as Joseph's coat.

  • Also known as Crotons, these plants need bright light and a draught-free environment.
  • They also like to be kept in moist sol and prefer air that is humid.
  • If these conditions are not met they might lose their foliage.
  • Codiaeum are naturally bushy plants and they respond well to pruning, should you need to keep their size in check.
  • The colouration of the leaves changes and intensifies as the plant matures.
  • Water far less frequently in winter during the dormant season.
  • Give them a liquid feed every three weeks or so during the growing season.
  • Sold in a 12 cm pot
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