Codiaeum Mrs Iceton Croton or Josephs Coat House Plant in a 21cm Pot.

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Codiaeum Mrs Iceton 21cm

Codiaeum 'Mrs Iceton' is a charming croton which makes a bold specimen plant for indoors. It is also known as Joseph's coat because of its bright, colourful foliage. The leaves have a mottled pattern in shades of red, gold and green.

  • Likes warmth and humidity.
  • Can cope with dappled shade or partial sunlight.
  • Try not to allow full sunlight for more than two hours each day.
  • The colour of the leaves turns brighter in higher light levels.
  • Ideal for a partially-shaded conservatory or even an indoor swimming pool!
  • Has an upright habit.
  • Likely to reach a height of up to 100cm and a spread of up to 50cm.
  • Water regularly as this plant likes to remain moist.
  • Do not allow it to totally dry out. But don't allow it to sit in water.
  • Growing in a 21cm pot.
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