Christmas Cherry plant Solanum pseudocapsicum in a 13cm pot x 1

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Solanum pseudocapsicum is often known as a Christmas or winter cherry because the bright orange fruits generally appear in December. They look like mini-oranges or cherries. The fruits should not be consumed by humans or by dogs and cats as they are mildly toxic, but birds such as blackbirds and thrushes love them!

  • This species is best treated as a houseplant in order to brighten up the indoor environment during winter.
  • During the summer it can be placed outside on a sheltered patio.
  • Most people treat this plant as an annual, but it can be maintained as a half-hardy perennial.
  • Likes regular water and doesn't appreciate drying out completely.
  • Never allow the compost to remain soggy, however, as this can lead to root rot.
  • 1 plant in a 13cm pot
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