Schlumbergera with PURPLE flowers in season. Christmas cactus succulent house plant in 13cm pot PURPLE Schlumbergera

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Looking for something that will give you flowers when you need it the most in mid-winter? Schlumbergera are flowering house plants that are commonly known as cactus plants that don't have thorns or spines. This is actually a succulent house plant that loves a medium to light position indoors and is easy to care for.

  • This is a house plant here in the UK.
  • Schlumbergera traditionally flowers at Christmas time, or at any period from November through to late January.
  • The flowers look highly exotic and this particularly variety flowers PURPLE.
  • Easy to care for, Schlumbergera naturally grows in woodlands, attached to trees.
  • Therefore they like a semi-shady environment rather than the full sun desert atmosphere of many other cacti.
  • They do like high humidity, so keep moist and consider mounting the pot on a saucer of damp gravel.
  • Re-pot every second year in order to provide enough growing nutrients to maintain growth. This is ideally to be done at the end of March, which is the beginning of their growing season.
  • Add some grit or leafmould to the compost to help improve drainage.
  • Give the plant a resting period during the winter once flowering has finished.
  • Reduce the watering and reduce temperature if possible.
  • This plant is growing in a 13cm pot.
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