Cherry (Prunus) Stardust Coveu Tree in a 11.5 Litre Patio pot - Rootstock - Gisela 5

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Stardust is a white fleshed variety that crops at the end of July, regular ideal to high productivity, good firmness and higher cracking sensitivity. The tree itself is strong vigor, widely-sprade, good ramifying. A large, firm, white cherry with a distinctive cream background colour. White fleshed cherries have some of the sweetest flesh of any cherries and this one is no exception. Crops end of July and is moderately split-resistant. The first self-fertile white cherry! Good pollinator for Regina.

Gisela 5 - Dwarf. 50% of Colt. Ideal for commercial orchards, gardens and patio pots. Weigi®2 - Dwarf. Comparable vigour to Gisela 5 but more robust to heat differences and stress. Increased fruit size and productivity. Gisela 6 - Semi Dwarf. 75% of Colt. All the attributes of Gisela 5 but for less than good soils. Colt - Semi vigorous. Fully compatible with all varieties, will contain trees to 4 - 5 metres. Considered very productive until the arrival of Gisela. Still good for bush and half standard cherries on thin soils. Prunus F.12.1. - Very Vigorous. The best clonal selection of mazzard for standards. Good anchorage.

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