Cereus peruvianus 'Paolina' cCactus house plant in a 12cm pot

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Cereus Paolina

Cereus peruvianus 'Paolina' is also known as a night flowering cactus. If you are ever lucky enough to see the flowers, make sure to enjoy them as they last only one night each! This is a mutation of Cereus peruvianus 'Florida' and it has a slightly different stem structure.

  • These unusual succulent cacti are usually three-sided and the fruits are said to be edible in their raw state.
  • It is a member of the same family as dragon fruit.
  • Night-blooming cereus flowers are almost always white or very pale. They are also generally fragrant.
  • The flowers (in the wild) appear after nightfall and they last but a single night.
  • Cacti raised as house plants indoor might not reach a size whereby they are ready to produce flowers.
  • Ensure this plant has very free-draining compost.
  • Water little and often, but never allow the roots to sit in soggy soil
  • This plant is sold in an 12cm pot
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