Cereus forbesii Spiralis Cactus Plant in a 19cm Pot x 1 Rarely Seen

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cereus spiralis 19 55
Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis' has the most eye-catching form, as the central stem spirals as it grows. There are around 25 species within the Cereus species and most of these originate from South Americal, including this one. It is native to north east Brazil and can reach up to 8m high in the wild, with a trunk measuring around 50cm in diameter! •This cactus has numerous stems when it matures and they are a blue-green in colour. •The ribs give the plant a twisted spiral effect which is very appealing. •The common name of this cactus is the candle spiral cactus. •Easy to care for provided it is kept in warm temperatures with full sun and low humidity. •Should eventually flower at night. These are white with pale green sepals. •Water moderately during the spring and summer. •Allow to rest during winter and stop watering.This is the dormant season. •These live a long time - up to 30 years on average.

1 plant in a 19cm pot. Total height including container is approximately 55cm.

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