Carnivorous Plant. Sarracenia Scarlet Belle in a 12cm Pot. Trumpet Pitcher

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sarracenia scarlet bell 12

Sarracenia are carnivorous pitcher plants that attract insects by mimicking flowers. Insects land on sugar-exuding glands called extrafloral nectaries. This is strongest near the pitcher opening, which is a dangerous place for incoming insects! They land on either the pitcher lip or lid - both brightly coloured. The insects are then tempted to venture inside where they are devoured by the plant! The pink flushed trumpets on this particular variety with therefore eat flies!

  • Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle' provides a striking combination of vivid colours on the trumpets.
  • It is a strong grower and performs well in shade or bright sun.
  • Can tolerate soil levels from very wet to almost dry.
  • Produces an abundance of firm, long lasting, attractive pitchers.
  • Ensure to use rainwater rather than tap water.
  • Sold in a 8.5cm pot.
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