Carnivorous plant. Sarracenia psittacina in a 12cm pot. Trumpet pitcher

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sarracenia psittacina

This unusual carnivorous plant, Sarracenia psittacina, is also known as the parrot pitcher. it is native to North America, the same as all Sarracenias. A small entrance in the pitcher mouth produces tempting nectar and this entices prey to go in search of more nectar inside. Here there are false exits, acting like windows, and the insects tend to head towards these, where they are trapped and digested by enzymes.

  • This species of Sarracenia is frequently submerged in its native habitat and will therefore capture water creatures such as tadpoles and small fish.
  • It grows horizontal pitchers which act rather like a lobster pot.
  • Pitchers have a colouration of red, white and green.
  • Frequently used during crossing of various plants in order to create cultivars.
  • Good for growing on a windowsill as the maximum height is only likely to be about 15cms.
  • Use rainwater where possible.
  • These plants appreciate a damp environment, do not allow to dry out.
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