Carnivorous Plant. Sarracenia Judith Hindle in a 12cm Pot. Trumpet Pitcher

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sarracenia judith hindle

Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' trumpet pitcher is a lovely Sarracenia cultivar which was bred in the UK by Alan Hindle and named after his wife. The parents of this plant are Sarracenia purpurea and Sarracenia flava, then the offspring is crossed with Sarracenia leucophylla. Insects are attracted to the openings of the trumpets by sweet nectar and they are enticed inside. There they are drawn down the trumpet into the digestive enzymes at the bottom.

  • The trumpet pitchers on this carnivorous plant have ruffled hoods and the pitchers themselves measure up to 30cms.
  • The colouration starts as a light green with some yellow and turns deep red with white blotches.
  • The white blotches become more pronounced in full sun.
  • Keep moist and water with rainwater rather than tap water.
  • This plant is growing in a 12cm pot.
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