Calathea Whitestar house plant. Striking Leaves. 45cm tall

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calathea whitestar

Calathea house plants have rather beautiful foliage and this is the reason they are so popular. The leaves have highly attractive markings, with green and white variegations, streaked with hints of pink.

These plants might not be the easiest to look after, but once you achieve the optimum amount of humidity with enough heat and light, they can thrive and prosper.

  • Particularly suitable for terrariums and bottle gardens due to the high humidity of the environment.
  • Prefer a shady position, away from direct sunlight
  • Water regularly but don't allow the roots to sit in a tray of water as this can cause rotting.
  • Can stand the plant on a tray of damp shingle in order to raise humidity.
  • Current height it around 45cm tall, including the pot.
  • Sold in a 14cm pot. 
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