Brugmansia PINK house plant in 19cm pot. Approx 40cm tall

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A south American native, these amazing tall plants produce very dramatic, super large trumpet shaped flowers, which are sweetly scented. Ideal for large patio tubs. When fed and watered well, they will maintain a wealth of very elegant shaped pink flowers and foliage all summer. They are not hardy so bring them indoors for winter. spring and summer when frosts have passed. These impressive house plants can grow up to 6 metres tall in the wild, but as a house plant they are limited by the size of the pot.

  • This is a stunning Mediterranean plant that produces trumpet-shaped flowers all season long.
  • This plant is toxic if eaten. However, as the plant has an unattractive taste, poisoning is rare.
  • The plant looks highly decorative when mature as it produces dozens of blooms which smother the plant.
  • This is a plant that will flower freely throughout the spring and summer.
  • The Angels' Trumpet, as it is commonly known, is not related to Datura, as once commonly understood, as they belong to a separate plant genus.
  • Brugmansia is actually woody tree, while Datura is an herbaceous shrub which is also known as Angels' Trumpets.
  • The two different angel trumpets can be distinguished by the direction of the flowers. In Brugmansias, the flower hangs down. In daturas, the flower stands upright.
  • Easy to grow in a container but it should be kept well watered throughout the season. If necessary it may need watering twice per day.
  • A Brugmansia in a container might reach a height of about 12 feet but it can als be trained into a smaller shrub size.
  • This Brugmansia plant currently measures about 40cm tall.
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