Brugmansia or Angels Trumpets Datura young plant. Available in different colours

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Brugmansia are treated as a house plant here in the UK, but they can go out into the garden during summer. These are available in different colours - please click on the drop down menu to select the colour of your choice.

  • They can grow to a height of more than 3m in their native habitat of South America.
  • They develop a shrubby habit in the wild but can be pruned as a house plant.
  • Poisonous if ingested. Also toxic to pets
  • Like medium to high light levels.
  • Keep the compost moist but don't allow the roots to sit in water as this can cause root-rot.
  • The plant will begin to bloom once the trunk has forked, or formed a 'Y 'shape.
  • As the plant grows, it will continue to fork and should produce blooms at each 'Y'.
  • Sometimes the plants fork when very young and sometimes they are around 90cms tall before the first 'Y' is formed.
  • Trumpet flowers are large and scented.
  • These are young plants that measure around 20-25cms tall. They will obviously grow once the season progresses.
  • Sold in a 9cm pot with cardboard sleeve and full instructions.
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