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A recipe for success as we enter the gentle downhill slope into Christmas

A voucher code for you, because bonfire night means that Christmas is coming…

You might be trying to avoid any thought of what's coming. So here's something to help ease your pain. A voucher code especially for our valued readers.  It can be applied to any purchase on the  Perfect Plants' website (one use only per customer)

christmas is coming, hey!, bring it on, season of giving, festive, gifts, buying gifts, plants as presents, help, Hey, love it or loathe it, Christmas can't be halted!

Darkness has descended; bonfire night is upon us. There’s not a lot between us and Christmas shopping  (pause for silent scream).

Burying your head in the sand won't help, but our special gift to you, might. Your funds will shortly seep away like rainwater into a freshly-dug ditch. Every little helps, so the famous tagline tells us.

freshly dug ditch with frozen rainwater in the bottom, feeling your money running away, Don't let Christmas feel like a drain on your energy!

Here's your voucher code as a celebration of the season

Use the voucher code NOVEMBER5 for a 5% discount off anything on the website. 

What you might need, with Halloween still within memory, is a 'spirit'. Not the ghostly kind, but more of a boost to the spirits.

ghostly spirit, halloween, whooo, ghost, Here's a boost to the spirits for you.

If you're feeling low, turn your attention to gardens.  There are more than just (wonderful) plants in garden centres and to be found in on-line shops. Step through the festive garden doors and a whole new world opens up before you, where spring seems to be just around the corner.

santa, christmas, presents, gifts, festive season, santa with his sack, start christmas shopping, Are you already thinking about filling Santa's sack with gifts?

Make merry with our early shopping suggestions

presents under the tree, christmas gifts, twinkling festive lights, wrapped gifts, Twinkling lights and attractive gifts will make an early Christmas shopping spree feel like fun.

USE YOUR VOUCHER CODE: NOVEMBER5 any time before 20 November. Here's a taster of products that might ignite your festive fire:

A light bulb moment

A bulb planting kit for indoors is the equivalent of that Eureka moment.  Gifts for auntie, grandad and sister Sue. Choose from Hyacinths, Amaryllis, Narcissi, Crocus, Tulips and more. Everything the recipient needs in order to grow some colourful cheer. Most kits cost under £15, including the Amaryllis ‘Carmen’ bulb kit shown, which comes with a zingy metallic-effect plant pot.

Amaryllis bulb planting kit in sparkly silver pot This Amaryllis 'Carmen' includes a metallic, joyful pot which will add sparkle to your shopping.

Take note of these opportunities

An A5 size gardener’s notebook  available in three different designs. Beautifully presented from the RHS, with 148 lined pages ready to fill with gardening wisdom. For under £8 (+ postage), it’s truly a gift that lasts.

gardener's notebook size A5 for the garden lover An attractive gardener's notebook that the recipient would be proud to be seen with.

Keep track of the gardening year to come

A metal sowing and harvesting calendar – an everlasting reminder of what matters to the grow-your-own enthusiast. Perfect for the shed door, it measures 40cm high x 30cm wide and costs £10.50 (+p&p).

metal grow your own sowing and harvesting calendar for the shed door This metal everlasting calendar will give the grow-your-own enthusiast plenty to think about over Christmas. ideal for the back of the shed door.

A present to make you feel chirpy

Bird nesting boxes;  insect houses; bird feeders; bird baths and more. Birds are a gardener’s friend. They eat aphids and keep your plants free from nibbling snails and slugs. What's more, they really do cheer people up. We all need to encourage birds into gardens and to promote biodiversity. There are plenty from which to choose and many cost well under £20. The Country Cottage nest box (pictured) costs £17.99 (+p&p). Cute, isn't it?

bird nesting box with a cedar roof looks like a country cottage Bird nesting boxes will be needed sooner than you think! Birds start to look for nest sites as early as February. That's just 12 weeks away.

Bright and beautiful twinkles

Garden ornaments with integral solar lighting can be quirky but fun. A string of fairy lights powered by the sun is uplifting on a dark night. Even on a cloudy day, solar-charged batteries gain enough energy to give you some light after dusk. Twinkling lights out in the garden provide joy to the human spirit and most are available for under £20. The foxglove solar garden light (pictured), costs £16.85 (+p&p). The Chinese-style lantern set costs £27.95 (+p&p).

solar garden light ornament in the form of a foxglove flower giving light after dark This foxglove solar-powered light looks just as good during the day as a garden sculpture, as it does at night when it is alight.

solar string of chinese lanterns in red, blue and purple

Solar-powered Chinese lanterns (above): for a twinkling garden that you can enjoy from indoors and out.





Christmas is for mugs

A plant-related mug always goes down well. After all, every outdoor-loving person deserves a cup of tea from time to time. You might even go for a set. Mugs make inexpensive gifts that are useful too. The amusing ‘Lawn Ranger’ mug by Simon Drew (pictured) is just £7.95 (+p&p).

A garden mug by Simon Drew called The Lawn Ranger amusing cup The Lawn Ranger mug has a handy lid to keep out the bugs. This can be used as a coaster too.

Equipped for the festive season

Simple tools and equipment are always well received by garden-lovers. A new weeding tool, a seed storage tin, spare secateurs, gloves and kneelers are indispensable.  As are tins of twine, slate or wooden plant labels and bags for the garden green waste. The set of four slate plant markers (pictured) come with a piece of chalk and cost just £3.95 (+p&p). Buy a few sets! The garden kneeler, by Burgon & Ball is decorated with flora and fauna. Knees are going to be lucky! It costs £17.85 (+p&p).

Set of slate markers for the garden. plant markers with chalk, Labelling plants has never been so stylish!
a garden kneeler decorated with plants and garden birds, A garden kneeler like no other! This is known as a 'kneelo' and it's as pretty as can be.

Toxic trouble

Indoor plants are so valuable for good health. We probably all know by now that they are capable of soaking up toxins and are really efficient air cleaners. It has even been shown that plants can clear away bacteria and allergens, meaning that we are less likely to catch colds and bugs if we have at least one medium to large house plant in every 15 square metres of indoor space . Not to mention the fact that plants make us feel good, mentally. It's called biophilia, since you asked.

collection of house plants which filter toxins from the air and clean the environment This is just a tiny selection of good air-cleaning house plants including Begonia rex, ferns, Calathea and Alocasia.

A little piece of philosophical advice

ancient philosopher pouring over a book, wise owl, wise words, christmas giving, Ancient philosphers have some wise words for today's busy shoppers.

In the 4th century BC, Lao-Tzu, also known as Laozi, the ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, suggested that, ‘Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love’. So, let’s all create love by starting our Christmas shopping in early November. It will be lovely, so to speak.

A reminder of that 'early bird' Christmas shopping voucher code


Just enter it in the voucher code box at the checkout stage on the website. Put items into your shopping basket and click on the basket icon in order to access the voucher code box.

christmas presents, beautifully wrapped with gold and red packaging, lit with fairy lights Enjoy!