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vertical planting

  • How to deal with a sloping garden or a difficult site

    What can I do with my difficult garden? Steps to success...

    A garden doesn’t need to be spacious or flat in order to be beautiful and rewarding. In fact, some of the most interesting and difficult gardens are those that represent a challenge in one form or another. Dealing with a steep slope, for example, brings a set of problems that might need imaginative thinking. Terracing is the obvious answer, but rows of steep steps leading to narrow, flat areas can look cramped, uninviting and daunting. Continue reading

  • Garden magic: how to make a small garden feel great

    Think big and work some magic in a small garden

    You might think that garden lovers would want a big garden in which to indulge their passion. But sometimes small is not only beautiful, but better. Why? Because a small garden can be designed in a way that brings exactly what’s wanted, without breaking the bank. It can also be micro-managed and maintained more easily, thus bringing the ultimate in satisfaction.
    Continue reading

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