1. Is it time to think outside of the box, Buxus sempervirens? Box blight and box moth are devastating tiny hedges and topiary.

    Are there alternatives to box, the highly popular small-leaved evergreen, Buxus sempervirens? Not every case of so-called box blightis actually that. Did you know that Buxus sempervirens is also affected by another little demon called Box tree moth? It can defoliate the shrub quite quickly, and is often first noticed as fine, webbed strands within which the moth larvae feeds. They subsequently develop into hungry green caterpillars.

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  2. Box blight or box caterpillar: have you got these problems? What to do about buxus diseases

    Is there anyone who hasn’t yet been affected by Box Blight or any other problems resulting in Buxus becoming sick? You don’t have to look very far or particularly hard before noticing that the fungal diseases spreading around Buxus sempervirens is showing no signs of abating. In fact it’s unusual to see box that hasn’t been attacked by die-back or yellowing, especially topiary pieces and parterres. So what can be done about these devastating problems?

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