1. 10 Ways to get kids out into the garden. Things to do in spring

    Young children love gardening. The outdoor world holds such joy for small people who can be inspired by the wonders of nature to a point where it influences their future life. Every minute spent in the garden as a pre-school child or primary pupil is a valuable experience, especially during our era of digital obsession. Here are 10 suggestions to get those small people enjoying the outdoor world.

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  2. Six non-toxic plants that are safe around children and pets

    Let's start with some of the most poisonous and just mention that it's quite rare for people or pets to choose to eat toxic plants. But indeed, it does happen. Some poisonous plants don’t even need to be eaten in order to prove fatal. Indeed, gardeners are believed to have been killed by wolfsbane, or Aconitum, which is also known as monkshood. This attractive plant  (pictured below) has large leaves and purple, hooded flowers which look rather like cowled monks’ hoods. It will be known to Harry Potter fans as Wolfsbane!

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  3. Why do cats and dogs eat grass?


    Pets eating plants. Why do cats and dogs eat grass?

    Cat, eating grass, herbs, health, digestion, pet, garden, cat grass Does your cat eat grass? Do you know why? Cats and dogs. When it’s not raining them down from the cloudy sky, they share our homes and our lives. They like gardens too. What's more, they love certain plants. But do they know what they can and can’t eat? Nature is a very clever thing, but if animals are deprived of what they need the most, they tend to find the next best thing. Read more
  4. Three reasons to have a statue or ornament in your garden

    Gnomes; Goddesses; dragons and dogs - what's the point of garden statues? Surely they perform no useful function? Well, yes... and no. There are three good reasons why you might like to have a statue or few. What's your view - are they useless junk or valuable art? You decide.

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  5. Danger for dogs, cats and children. Is your home and garden safe?

    Pets and plants. Do they make perfect partners? The garden is a great place for children and pets, right? Correct. But it's sensible to be aware of the potential dangers out there too. Of course there are plenty of practical hazards to be negotiated in both homes and gardens. Particularly the transition between the two. Both pets and children can fall out of windows. One would hope that parents and carers pay great attention to the supervision of children. But perhaps not so with pets.

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