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  • Ignore granny at your peril! Folklore can be better than science in your garden

    Garden lore: truth or fiction?

    The best nature and garden knowledge, some say, is that which is handed down from generation to generation. Garden folklore might not be the most scientific, but much of it has been tried and tested out in the fields and gardens over time. Since the Egyptians cultivated plants that they collected from Europe, in fact. There are folklore solutions to age-old problems that you might not find in an official guide. Sometimes, listening to granny gives you wisdom!

    Here’s a round-up of useful folklore, tips and thoughts that you might want to put into practice.
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  • Slugs and snails and tales of puppy dogs

    BEWARE OF SLUGS. 8 ways to deal with these chomping, guzzling gastropods 

    Have you noticed that there hasn’t (yet) been too much damage in the garden by slugs and snails? This can be attributed to the weather. The warm spells haven’t been quite warm enough for all the eggs to hatch. So it’s too early to feel smug about the lack of these creatures! In fact, the warm, damp spring that most people experienced until the cold snap at the end of April, has created a fertile breeding ground. Wise gardeners might want to gear up for a slimy invasion of leaf-chomping mayhem.
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  • Creepy Crawlies: things that chomp in the night (and day).

    Creepy things that chomp. Six reasons to let them.

    Creepy crawlies in the garden. What do you do when you see caterpillars chomping away on your beloved plants? Squash them/throw them over into the neighbour’s garden? Photograph them? Applaud and show the children? Clearly, nobody wants the cabbage white larvae eating their brassica.
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  • Six Garden Tasks for August. Tra la la, can't wait to relax!

    Six sizzling tasks for August in the garden. Tra la la, can’t wait to relax?

    You might be spending this glorious month away on a holiday beach. But if you are a garden-lover, the chances are that you will want to enjoy time in your own special outdoor space. After all, this is the month in which you have the best opportunity to reap the rewards of your labours. August is all about relaxing. That’s what summer’s all about – ISN’T IT?
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