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Perfect Plants

  • 10 favourite plants, a round up of the Top of the Pots for 2018

    TOP OF THE POTS, can you guess the 10 favourite plants for garden and home this year?

    10 favourite plants! It's difficult to select just the 10, but as we enter the season of giving, plant lovers might rejoice in the opportunity to buy green things for friends and family. Even if the recipient doesn't share your love of growing, there's a good chance that they can be converted – for their own good, of course.

    Here’s our round-up of the most popular and ‘most-wanted’ items for gardens and home this year. 10 favourite plants for the home and our 10 favourite items for gardens too.

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  • Improve your mental health this November, it might be easier than you think

    You can improve your mental health with these two natural chemicals

    Did you know that there are two naturally-produced chemicals that are largely responsible for our mental health and emotional wellbeing? There are good reasons why gardening is good for you, not least the hormones that gardens help you to produce.

    A young man who looks unwell and depressed. mental health, depression, unhappy, sad, ill health, unwell, ill, gardening, how to improve your mentalhealth. Latest figures show that one in four people is likely to be affected by mental health problems. Around 450 million people currently suffer, therefore it is one of the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.


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  • Huge house plants give you Jumbo-sized impact in the home and office

    Huge house plants for interior decor drama

    Big is beautiful when it comes to house and office plants. In fact, huge house plants create an ambience that is stronger and more powerful than any single contributor when it comes to interior design. Soft furnishings, furniture and the latest gadgets are desirable (for some), but house plants take the biscuit when it comes to bringing a space alive.

    house plants in a living room with settee and rug, brightening up the space. Take away the house plants and this living room would look like a very dull space.

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  • A recipe for success as we enter the gentle downhill slope into Christmas

    A voucher code for you, because bonfire night means that Christmas is coming…

    You might be trying to avoid any thought of what's coming. So here's something to help ease your pain. A voucher code especially for our valued readers.  It can be applied to any purchase on the  Perfect Plants' website (one use only per customer)

    christmas is coming, hey!, bring it on, season of giving, festive, gifts, buying gifts, plants as presents, help, Hey, love it or loathe it, Christmas can't be halted!

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  • Why is indoor gardening good for you?

    How to cope with dark evenings and why indoor gardening is good for you. 

    The clocks are about to turn, the fires can be lit and it’s time to enjoy cosy evenings indoors rather than out. There’s no reason to abandon your outdoor space, however. There are plenty of ways in which to enjoy indoor gardening whilst still appreciating your autumn and winter garden on the other side of the window pane. One of the most rewarding things you can do is to give yourself the visual treat of a little lighting in the garden. You don’t want to flood the space with artificial brightness, however. This disturbs the natural world and confuses wildlife.

    How to light your garden

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  • Which ornamental grasses are right for my garden?

    Grasses: the swaying stars of the autumn border

    Every season brings its own garden wonders and, apart from the awe-inspiring colour of leaves, ornamental grasses are the stars of the moment. In fact, their moment lasts a long time. Grass seed heads and flower heads look beautiful for months. They are more durable than most flowers and certainly delight the senses for a longer period of time than the beautiful show of autumn foliage. But did you realise that there are several different categories of ornamental grasses? Each grows into a form that is distinctly different from others. Some are more suitable for gardens than others, especially small spaces.

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  • Is it time to think outside of the box, Buxus sempervirens?

    Box blight and box moth are devastating tiny hedges and stylish topiary. What can you do about it?

    Are there alternatives to box, the highly popular small-leaved evergreen, Buxus sempervirens?

    Not every case of so-called box blight is actually that. Did you know that Buxus sempervirens is also affected by another little demon called Box tree moth? It can defoliate the shrub quite quickly, and is often first noticed as fine, webbed strands within which the moth larvae feeds. They subsequently develop into hungry green caterpillars.

    buxus sempervirens, buxus, box, box hedging, topiary, box blight, box tree moth, box caterpillar, formal gardens, hedging, Buxus has been used for topiary and detailed hedging for centuries because its small evergreen foliage responds well to clipping.

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  • Make the most of vibrant colour in the October garden

    Is it all over in the October garden?

    It’s October. Everything in the garden needs to be tidied away, cut back and neatened. It's all over, surely? Don’t we need to see bare soil and pruned back stems? Not true, and definitely not the latter if you care about minibeasts that love to root around the stems and seeds that autumn brings. There's so much happening outdoors, it would be a shame to miss it. Especially as we're all set for an Indian summer.  We Brits are often prepared to let the glory of autumn slip away without even a glance.

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  • Why you should make the most of an Indian summer

    An Indian summer: what is it and how can you gain maximum benefit from a warm autumn?

    We know the phrase and we hope to get one. Or have we had it already? What on earth is an Indian summer and why do people crave to get one?

    indian summer, sunshine, october weather, september sunshine, outdoors, make the most, enjoy the garden, perfectplants.co.uk, Sunshine, beautiful colours and warmth. What more could one wish for in autumn?

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  • Harvest happiness! How to manage your vegetable and fruit glut

    It's harvest time, but what can you do with excess produce from the garden?

    Anyone with a kitchen garden or allotment should be enjoying a harvest glut right now. The apples are ripe for plucking, courgettes are still coming, onions are ready for drying, tomatoes are ripening on the vine and potatoes are inviting you to dig for their delicious treasure. There are still runner beans hiding amongst the climbing green foliage, autumn-fruiting raspberries and tayberries are luscious, blackberries taste beautiful and beetroot is bursting from the soil. If you’re lucky enough to have a fig tree, be sure to collect your fruit by the beginning of October as they won’t tolerate frost. There are late-season plums to harvest too, and damsons which can be picked while slightly unripe as you’ll be cooking them.

    apples, harvest, apple picking, picking apples, rosy fruits, fruit, september in the garden, october in the garden, glut of fruit, kitchen garden, perfectplants.co.uk, It's apple harvest time! But what can you do with all those luscious fruits?

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