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Perfect Plants

  • Moon planting, is it loony?

    Growing by the moon. Is it loony?

    What’s your view on the gardening habits of people who decide to plant their seeds according to the phases of the moon? Are these poor souls completely barmy, or is the whole idea actually plain, simple common sense? If you are in tune with ‘moon sowers’, you will agree that plants sown just before the full moon are likely to become stronger and more productive than those sown on the ‘wane’ rather than the ‘wax’.
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  • Plants that live off air alone!

    Up in the air with Tillandsias, the air plants

    Have you heard of air plants? It seems incredible that any plant could live without soil, but this is the self-contained expertise of Tillandsia. These air plants, as they are affectionately known, are quite simply unique. They don't really live OFF air, but more correctly, they live IN air. They need water and also some light. Preferably not too bright and certainly not a south-facing windowsill during the summer. Surely, you might be pondering, they need compost? No, they just ‘hang around’, looking rather like a spider or perhaps a sea creature.
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  • Growing for Grown-Ups. Allow the kids to grow too!

    Growing for beginners

    Fancy trying a bit of growing for the kitchen this year? Here's an easy guide to help you get started. Grow vegetables and fruit - it isn't difficult. Experiment with what fits in with your lifestyle and you'll be guaranteed to have a lot of fun 'having a go'.

    Potatoes, garden, growing, harvest, vegetables, food, kitchen Start chitting your potatoes now and you'll soon be ready to plant.


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  • Shapes in winter. Beauty, not a beast, awaits those who care to notice.

    There's nothing like a gloomy winter's day to make you aware of what looks cheerful and uplifting in the garden. If you want flowers, there's a limitation on the number and variety of what might be available right now. But let's take heart and look a little closer.
    What can you see outside? Above all else, it’s SHAPE that catches the eye. Those beautiful trees without leaves have the most appealing outline. Have you noticed how different they all are?
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  • Harmful chemicals in the home

    DID YOU KNOW that coal miners’ canaries were made redundant as recently as 1986? These chirpy creatures were replaced by electronic detectors which are able to warn of harmful gases down in the coal mines. Canaries are excellent indicators of chemicals in the air and their distress alerted coal miners to the presence of harmful gases.
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  • CELEBRATE the Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year is coming... prepare to wear RED and celebrate on Monday, Feb 8th.

    The New Year is approaching! And even if you have only just sobered up after the most recent New Year celebrations, this Chinese version needs a bit more of your attention.

    But what exactly does it mean?
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  • Blooming sensations in winter. Are the flowers early?

    What’s blooming in your garden?

    There’s no doubt that winter in the south east has been mild up until now. Like it or loathe it, there’s not a lot that we can do to control the weather. But what effect does this have on your garden? There have been many reports of early blooms appearing in the damp but warm air. Many attribute their welcome but unexpected delight to the effects of climate change. In fact in some places it is estimated that flowers are out six months early! Some roses, for example haven’t stopped blooming since last summer. Continue reading

  • Happy New Year

    New Year, new shoots, enjoy turning over a new leaf

    New Life, new year, 2016, resolutions The turning of a year is a great opportunity for making a fresh start

    A new year. The turning of a seasonal page is, of course, a great opportunity to make a fresh start. It’s probably no surprise that nearly half the UK population use the occasion to draw up a list of New Year’s resolutions. And do you know what the most popular New Year’s resolutions are?  You can probably guess at least three of them. Here they are:
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  • Three Wise Kings and Things for Christmas

    It's the right time of year for a Christmas story...

    (and don't worry, there's still time to order for delivery before Christmas)

    This is all about the wise.  Not owls, like this stone plant pot cover and this owl woven planter

    Owl, plant, pot, wise, Christmas, story, Xmas, gifts The wise old stone plant pot cover £7.50 (+p&p)
    Owl, plant, pot, planter, container, Christmas, gift, Xmas A wise owl woven planter

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  • Christmas Trees: keep them sparkling!

    Ode to the Christmas Tree. 

    There’s nothing quite like a real tree for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. The sight; the scent; the effect. Real trees seem to cast better shadows; they hold the lights and decorations with rather more individual charm; they fill the house with aroma and they arouse the senses. But which variety might you buy; how should you look after it; and what about the dangers?

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