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Perfect Plants

  • Six facts about Christmas trees and one word of warning!

    Why do we love Christmas trees? A potted history follows:

    There’s little time at Christmas to concentrate on the garden, but there is one gorgeous element of the natural world that plays an important part in all the festivities. It’s the Christmas tree and this forms a central point around which the celebrations are concentrated.
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  • 10 festive plants that bring Christmas alive


    Deck the halls - can you name 10 of the most festive plants at Christmas time?

    Plants form some of the strongest icons of Christmas. There are many festive characters that can be disputed, (Santa does exist of course) but others lie at the roots of December’s festivities. Let's look at some of the most popular.
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  • How plants can help your allergy and make a perfect gift.

    Know someone who suffers from allergies? Plants make great presents.

    Almost half of the UK population suffers from an allergy of one sort or another, according to recent research. Each year the number of sufferers increases by about five per cent.  The most common allergy is to pollen, followed by house dust mites, pets, mould and various foodstuffs. People with allergies obviously try very hard not to expose themselves to the substances that affect them. It seems that the more they come into contact with problematic allergens, the worse their reaction seems to feel.

    cat, dog, allergy, sneezing, health, ill, dust, mites, houseplants, plants, sick Sweet cats and dogs. But not so fine if you suffer from a pet allergy.

    But there's one group of gifts that might actually help to improve the lives of many of these people.
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  • Festive foliage for free! Gather your own Christmas wreaths and swags

    All things bright and beautiful. Free festive foliage decorations

    It’s just about time to deck the halls because the month of December is less than a week away. You will need to put 'decorations' near the top of the 'to do list'!  It is, of course, very easy to purchase ready-made door wreaths, rings and swags but you might be missing out on some fun! Stepping out to gather festive foliage really gets you in the mood for Christmas and it need not take as long as you might think.  There are dozens of plants that you can use for making Christmas decorations. In fact the gardens and hedgerows are teaming with twigs, leaves and berries that can all make Christmas bright and beautiful. You can harvest for free this festive season!
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  • Christmas gifts for gardeners and garden lovers!

    Christmas gifts to make gardeners happy!

    Need to buy Christmas gifts for gardeners? These people are surely the easiest folk to please during the festive season. Why? Because they generally love anything planty. What’s more, they appreciate tools; outdoor clothing; soothing hand creams, books about gardens, wooden things and natural products… and much more. A love of gardens opens up a whole world of possibility when it comes to gifts.
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  • What is Feng Shui and how do we use it in our homes and gardens?

    What is Feng Shui and how does it affect us?

    The mystery of feng shui is easily unravelled once you peel back the layers of language and ideas. What is feng shui? And how does a feng shui novice use it in their home and garden?

    The concept is simple and can be reduced to the basic feeling of being comfortable within a space. You have probably noticed how your surroundings can make you react. For example, most of us have a preference when it comes to choosing a table at which to sit within a café.  We like to have a view of our surroundings and to have easy access. The same principles can be applied to a home.
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  • Jungle fever shows no sign of slowing down. The trend for house plants continues.

    Jungle fever spreads within interior design

    There’s no doubt about it, jungle fever is spreading like a delightfully twining virus. The interior design trend for the urban jungle-look has taken a firm hold and it shows no sign of wilting.  The jungle theme, so it seems, is here to stay.   In fact, as we move through the seasons from summer into winter, people tend to strengthen the desire for tropical-style rooms. They are achieved with the use of exotic vegetation, living walls, horticulture-themed fabrics, splashes of colour and wallpapers. It appears that as we close doors on the cold outdoors we are now choosing to luxuriate in the sensation of warm and mysterious tropical jungles.
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  • Ten trees suitable for small gardens. It's time to plant!

    A tree for every garden. 10 small trees

    It’s almost November and the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. Even those with small gardens can find plenty of choice, in fact there’s a tree to fit just about every space imaginable. Of course it’s important to choose a tree that’s going to offer you lots of positive benefits. If you are worried about size and structural problems such as subsidence, you will need to ensure that your tree doesn't have invasive roots.  Select a suitable variety and you need not be concerned about cracking foundations or wobbly patios. You'll want some sort of seasonal interest, perhaps flowers, fruit or leaf colour. it's all about choosing the right tree.

    Here’s 10 trees which are suitable for small gardens:
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  • A pumpkin harvest for lanterns and lunch! Delicious pumpkin recipes


    In the vegetable garden pumpkin patch 

    Pumpkins and pizzazz! There’s fireworks in the tree tops now the autumn show has begun. So this makes the autumn tasks in the vegetable garden all the more rewarding. What could be nicer than getting things ship-shape at a time when all around is looking so glorious? Your outdoor autumn jobs will be accompanied by gently falling, brilliant foliage which makes this time of year so special.
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  • Six of the best plants for winter

    Six of the best winter bedding beauties!

    The autumnal feel to the weather sends many of us scurrying indoors, but this is a great time to get outside and plant some winter bedding. It will uplift the spirits throughout the darker seasons. Now there's an investment!

    Here's five of the best plants for pots, containers and even borders. Make sure you see them from your windows and en route to your door. They will uplift the spirits and keep you interested in the garden right through until spring.
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