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Perfect Plants

  • Four things to avoid when planting a tree

    Crimes against trees, don't be guilty of committing these planting offences! 

    Whatever tree you plan to plant (and every garden should have at least one), the most important gift you can donate is to plant it correctly. This will help to prevent major problems in the future, including dangerous loss of tree limbs and indeed the demise of the entire tree together with the hazards this poses to nearby people and property. Around 80 per cent of unstable trees have been incorrectly planted, leading to a problem in the root zone.
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  • How to survive summer: is your space 'garden ready'?

    How to survive summer

    It's easy, surely? Summer is the season that most people look forward to. Long, warm days with sunshine and plenty of opportunities for sitting and dining outdoors. But what if summer is a time of sneezing, itching and torment? Perhaps you spend your leisure hours seeking respite from relentless sunshine because you crave to be cool. Your plants might be wilting; your annuals could be drooping and all the colour seems to be fading away to burnt umber.
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  • 15 plants that will help to repel bugs in your garden

    Bugged by bugs in your garden? Here’s 15 plants that can keep biting insects at bay.

    The summer, for all its joy and wonder, can pack a bit of a bite when it comes to insects. Even if you don’t live in the wilds of Bonnie Scotland, there are plenty of flying perils – especially around the time of evening barbecues. Most of us are a bit wary of applying chemicals to body or garden in order to keep bugs at bay. But there are other ways of fending off the mosquitoes, midges and other creatures that like to snack on human flesh!
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  • What's changed in 50 years in our constantly evolving gardens? 10 changes that gardeners have witnessed.

    10 gardening habits that have changed over the last 50 years.

    A lot has changed in 50 years. Did your granny or perhaps great granny like to see the soil between the plants and expect garden shrubs to stay in neat little mounds? She probably expected the edges to be trimmed by shears rather than strimmer and enjoyed the sight of freshly dug soil. Hedges needed to be neatly trimmed at all times; weeds must be immediately banished to the compost heap and neatness should reign supreme.
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  • What ideas can you take home from Chelsea Flower Show?

    Here's 6 ideas to action after experiencing RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    RHS Chelsea Flower Show is possibly the greatest flower show on earth and it's taking place this week! Even when it's gone, it doesn't need to be forgotten aned there are, of course, more flower shows to enjoy – including RHS Hampton Court from 4-9 July. The repercussions from such amazing shows can last forever if you take certain thoughts home with you and then act upon them. These events are a source of inspiration and joy during the actual visit, but why let it end there? There are so many garden tips that you can absorb from these magical events and none of these are beyond the reach of 'normal' gardeners.

    Here are a few suggestions for benefits that can last forever:
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  • Create a garden you want to sit in

    Sit and stay! How to train a human to enjoy their garden

    garden, seating, sit, sitting, relaxing, furniture, chair, seat, outdoors, summer, enjoy, This dog is quite good at sitting. But are you?

    Find it difficult to sit down? Gardeners and garden-lovers generally share this tricky trait. They love their gardens so much that they just have to keep adjusting them.  No sooner has bottom touched seat that they are up and off to deadhead the roses; to fix a broken stem and to pluck out a weed.



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  • Why have a pond or water feature in your garden?

    HERE'S SIX REASONS why installing a pond into a garden is a great idea!

    Water in a garden immediately changes the ambience of an outdoor space. In fact, a pond or water feature has been shown to improve mood and make people feel healthier and happier. Ponds reflect light, add interest to outdoor space and provide a reason to explore the surroundings. Why are ponds good for us? Here’s six reasons why you might want to include water in your garden.  Continue reading

  • 10 reasons to love cactus and succulent plants

    Cacti and succulents - here's 10 reasons to follow the prickly trend.

    Is spring  all about outdoor flowers? There are tulips, Forsythia, Magnolia, wallflowers, bluebells and many more colourful beauties. These all herald the fresh new growing season and set the outdoors ablaze with bling. But in fact, indoor plants are equally amazing once you start to notice the detail. Spring is also the season for cactus and succulent flowering too. Many people love these weirdly wonderful house plants which now have a strong and increasing following. It is actually fascinating to tune into their highly distinctive appeal.

    cactus, cacti, flowers, spring, prickly, succulents, desert, It's cactus flowering time! Look closely and you will be amazed.

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  • How to deal with slugs, snails and garden pests

    How to deal with slinky, slimy slugs and other garden pests

    Have you planted out your bedding or put out your hanging baskets yet? The recent cold snap might have had its wicked way with anyone who was a little premature with their planting. But it’s certainly been a tempting time, with temperatures having already reached over 25 degrees celsius in the south east. It’s been largely dry and warm this spring. Too dry for gardeners and for many plants. Although the dry soil does have benefits when it comes to slimy garden pests that like to snack on plants.

    slugs, garden pests, snails, flowers, spring, summer, nibbling, eating, flowers, garden, pest control Slugs will soon be snacking on your prize plants!

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  • The beginner's guide to growing vegetables in a small space.

    New to vegetable growing? Where to start…

    You don’t need a huge plot or an allotment in order to ‘grow your own’ vegetables. Even with a tiny space you can grow something worthwhile. It does take just a bit of time investment in the early stages as the key lies in good preparation. The smaller the space, the more organised you must be.
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