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  • Tell me about carnivorous plants, will they eat my child's finger?

    Heard of a Venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula)? Of course you have. But do you know how carnivorous plants actually work? Are they a threat to small animals, perhaps, and can they bite your finger? Why do they need to catch prey rather than live off the soil? Charles Darwin apparently described the Venus fly traps as some of the “most wonderful plants in the world”.

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  • Why do we like plants more than we used to?

    Where and why do people buy plants?

    It is estimated that around two thirds of adults living in the UK pay a visit to a garden centre to buy plants, every year. For the majority, this is viewed as a pleasurable and relaxing outing. It might also involve a stop-off at the on-site café, if there is one. Therefore, a garden centre visit is a generally a leisure or lifestyle choice. Those wanting to buy plants in large numbers for specific purposes will normally purchase directly from the grower or trade nursery. But now, more than 70 per cent of the population prefer to shop online. It saves them the physical travel to a retail outlet. But does this shopping habit encompass plants too? Continue reading

  • Gardening – the ultimate green and sustainable occupation. Or is it?

    How sustainable is your garden habit?

    As part of nature, plants themselves are perfectly balanced. They grow organically, they bear fruit and seed and some of this is eaten by animals and humans. Eventually they die and return everything and more back to the soil. Plants in their natural surroundings are in harmony with nature. Plant matter which is farmed or grown for pleasure can eventually be composted and fully re-used. Even water that is used to help plants thrive is recyclable in terms of photosynthesis, evaporation and rain. Continue reading

  • How to stop slugs and snails eating your precious plants

    Are slugs and snails having a feast at your expense?

    It’s summertime and slugfest has started! In these day of enlightenment (or an awakening of common sense), it would be encouraging to hope that most people have sealed their poisonous pots for good. But how do you stop slugs and snails (not to mention vine weevils and lily beetles) from decimating your patch of paradise?
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  • 5 Stress busting plants that will help to make you feel good

    Health and wellbeing is important and plants can be our stress-busting friends

    We all know that plants are good for us, but some are even better than others. Both indoors and out, there are plants that aid health and wellbeing. Indeed, the act of caring for plants also has a positive, stress busting effect on the soul.

    Here’s five plant favourites for your good health:

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  • Avoid making these 8 gardening mistakes in your patch of paradise

    There are many common gardening mistakes that people make in their outdoor spaces, resulting in inconvenience; increased workload or even major problems for them later. As in general life, it’s a good idea to think before you act! Timely effort, planning and paying attention to detail is the way to go.

    Avoid these gardening errors - your future will be both easier and more pleasurable:

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  • Are you a summer or winter person? Here's a tip to help cope with the seasons

    Summer in the garden. What could be better… winter, perhaps?

    The long days of summer bring a relaxed air of warmth that settles over homes like a drift of the most delicate silk organza. Outdoor life is woven into daily routine, charming all but the most ardent winter-type of personality. Is there such a thing? Indeed there is – in fact a surprisingly high number of people prefer the colder seasons.
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  • What do you know about passion flowers?

    We’ve probably all seen passion flowers. They have a curious structure of radiating, coloured filaments circling a central, exotic arena. The flowers on Passiflora have a 3-D design. Nature is a clever beast and this flower guides pollinators to the nectaries. Native to  tropical America, pollinators include bats, hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and moths. Here in the UK, these flowering beauties have to rely on insects, but they still provide an amazing spectacle.
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  • Luscious plants to keep you cool, what are they?

    Create a refuge from the heat with these perfect plants

    There’s a lot of razzmatazz out in the garden during these glorious long days of summer. But when temperatures soar, keeping cool suddenly feels more desirable. Plants are amazing beasts that have the ability to cool the air around them. This applies both indoors and out.
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  • How to identify a plant in 10 easy steps

    Simple plant identification , everyone can do it!

    We’ve all been there and done that. A plant that you know but just can’t remember its name. A familiar leaf or flower that you want to be able to reference by a title. Sometimes it’s on the tip of your tongue and other occasions you’ve discovered the name but then forgotten. Wise friends are always useful people to be with, when you are visiting gardens. But few plant names stick in the brain when they have been provided so effortlessly. So there’s no time like the present to take control of your plant word power!
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