1. A definition of mindfulness and how best to achieve it

    Mindfulness is the key to happiness, so we are told. There's no getting away from the fact that this would be a highly desirable state of being to achieve. But how is it done?

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  2. How to avoid man flu - the perfect Christmas present for a bloke!

    Does Santa suffer from man flu?  Probably not, we understand he loves flues and spends one night of the year sliding down them.

    Do you  know a  Neanderthal man (or perhaps you are one?) If so, he (or you) will probably suffer from man flu from time to time. So what can we do about it, and, more to the point, is it real?

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  3. Schlumbergera are super cool, Six reasons to love Christmas cacti

    Why Schlumbergera - Christmas cactus plants - are so cool!

    It’s the season to not only be merry but to welcome evergreens into your home. Why? Because they symbolise life! The isles of supermarkets everywhere are crammed with festive products including Christmas house plants, bulbs and growing kits. It’s good to remember that outdoor things continue to not only survive but some are peaking with a brilliance that isn’t obvious at other times of the year.

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  4. What is a terrarium and how do you use it for indoor plants?

    If you are reading a piece about terrariums, the chances are that you already have a house plant or two. Maybe you already have dozens of planty companions at home. But have you taken that experimental step and tried planting into a terrarium? They used to be called bottle gardens before we used posh words for the same sort of thing. Here's why terrariums are on trend and how to use them:

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  5. Six reasons to follow the cacti trend

    Look sharp, here’s a trend that has spiked in popularity!

    Interior design and fashion go hand in hand and this results in trends that are impossible to ignore. Sometimes there seems no rhyme or reason for the popularity of certain items or styles but it certainly appears that strong images make the key component. What’s been trending for some time, with no sign of diminishing? Cacti! Here's six reasons why you should join the growing trend! Read more
  6. 6 simple steps to help you choose greenery for your office.

    Follow these steps and you will increase the health, happiness and productivity of your workforce!  Guest post by Tiles Direct

    There are numerous studies proving the benefits of bringing greenery into the office and workplace.  These highlight positive attributes including (but not limited to) improved air quality, productivity and wellbeing. It's not surprising that more and more businesses across the UK are enhancing their workspaces with indoor plants to create healthier, greener and more welcoming environments. plants, house plants, office plants, working, space, health, happiness, tiles direct, perfectplants.co.uk, indoors, greenery, plants for the office, larger plants, Oh how these house plants and living green wall enhance the office space! Who wouldn't want to work here? However, there’s more to incorporating indoor plants into office space than just dotting a few pot plants on desks here and there - you want your plants to create an appealing place to work, as well as accurately reflecting your brand and company culture. From exotic Dracaenas and bird of paradise plants to subtle spider plants, we’re going to be taking you through 6 steps to choosing the perfect greenery for your office. Read more
  7. Six ways to make yourself smile - even if you don't feel like it!

    Have you ever noticed how some people seem to smile a lot? How does this make you feel?  Perhaps you are envious or maybe you think they are foolish. You might not even have noticed that  there's a whole heap of people out there who look happy most of the time. Are you one of them?

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  8. How to create a garden room to make a plant and people haven

    Enjy a special GUEST BLOG POST about integrating plants into places, written by friendly flooring expert Poshflooring.co.uk, the online store of FlooringREPUBLIC.

    Want to go rustic? How to create your own rustic conservatory... on a budget!

    Conservatories offer more than just additional living space. These wonderful rooms can serve as a rustic transition between the inside and outside of a home.  They provide the perfect platform to create a relaxing and tranquil space to be enjoyed all year round. And what better way to style your conservatory than with a natural theme? Read more
  9. Most popular house plants for 2017

    Amazing Alocasia and other plants that are popular in 2017!

    Who would have thought that what were once thought of as humble house plants would be the main group of plants to enjoy the greatest surge of popularity over the last three years? This indeed is the case, as has been witnessed in garden centres and nurseries across the UK. Many outlets report that house plant sales have quadrupled and that they now represent around 10 per cent of overall turnover.  Why? Read more
  10. Inside out plants: turning design on its head

    On trend indoors and out - when is a house plant not a house plant?

    Have you noticed the recent trend in garden and interior design? The indoor/outdoor scene seems to be morphing and merging into one!  The division between home and garden has faded. We are now seeing furniture, accessories and planting used interchangeably indoors and out.  How can this work? Read more
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