1. Six tricky house plants and how to prevent them from dying!

    House plants - are yours dying to join the trend? 

    Everyone is loving house plants at present. But some of them will give up on life and turn up their toes with relative ease. Others can live just about anywhere, with the minimum amount of care. So why bother with the tricky set? It’s all about shape; structure; size; beauty. And that most elusive quality: extraordinary desirability. How can you not only stop your desirable and trendy house plants from dying, but help them to thrive?

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  2. 10 favourite plants for home and garden. Top of the Pots

    10 favourite plants! So difficult to select just a few, but we can reveal which plants have been the most popular during the past year or so. Giving a gift that grows is a great way to keep a friendship fresh!. Even if the recipient doesn't share your love of growing, there's a good chance that they can be converted – for their own good, of course. Here’s our round-up of the most popular and ‘most-wanted’ plants for the home and for the garden too. 

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  3. Huge house plants give you Jumbo-sized impact in the home and office

    Big is beautiful when it comes to home and office plants In fact, huge house plants create an ambience that is stronger and more powerful than any single contributor when it comes to interior design. Soft furnishings, furniture and the latest gadgets are desirable (for some), but house plants take the biscuit when it comes to bringing a space alive.

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  4. How to survive winter - tips for garden lovers during the darkest months of the year

    There's nothing you can do to stop winter coming - apart from moving to a different continent. When darkness descends, burying your head in the sand won't help. This is a guide to help you start the ball rolling. A garden-lover's kick-start on how to enjoy winter and the festive season.

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  5. Why is plant parenthood, or indoor gardening, good for you?

    How to cope with dark evenings and why indoor gardening is good for you. 

    After the clocks turn back in autumn, it’s time to enjoy cosy evenings indoors rather than out. There’s no reason to abandon your gardening delight, however. There are plenty of ways in which to enjoy indoor gardening whilst still appreciating your autumn and winter garden on the other side of the window pane. One of the most rewarding things you can do is to give yourself the visual treat of a little lighting in the garden. You don’t want to flood the space with artificial brightness, however. This disturbs the natural world and confuses wildlife.

    How to light your garden

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  6. Oranges, lemons, limes, can you grow citrus fruits in the UK?

    A zest for citrus fruit? How easily do oranges, lemons and limes grow in the UK? They are, in fact, perfectly able to survive. There’s something amazing about the sight of fresh, vibrant fruits growing boldly on even small sized plants. Grapefruits, particularly, are a sight to behold, weighing down small branches with seemingly ridiculous comedy.

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  7. How to choose plants to suit your zodiac star sign. Which one are you?

    Have you ever considered how to pick the right house plant or garden plant for your astrological symbol? A zodiac star sign can easily be linked to a plant and your choice might be more important than you think!   You can choose a plant to fit your personality and bring harmony into your life. Here are some suggestions from Perfect Plants:

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  8. Cactus plants and how to keep them. Are you in love with cacti?

    What is it about cactus plants that is so appealing? They are prickly beasts that can sometimes rip open your skin and tear your clothes. You can't really stroke or hug them without a little fear. They can poke you in the eye and leave prickles in your fingers. Most of them are at home in arid, inhospitable landscapes where survival seems to be 'on the edge'. But never has there been such a strong following of all things ugly, prickly, statuesque and, well, weird, in terms of house plants. Why?

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  9. Palm trees for indoor and out. Which palms are hardy in the UK?

    What is it about palm trees that give so much pleasure? Is it because they evoke a hoiday mood? And are they hardy in the UK? Here is a selection of four hardy palms for UK gardens and three excellent palm varieties for indoors too. Just be aware that some palm trees are difficult to source due to plant passport requirements to help guard against pests and diseases.

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  10. Love is in the air during February. Here are LIVING Valentine's Day gift ideas

    February is a month of hope. The spring is approaching, new life is stirring. Let's cross our fingers that the month brings happiness and maybe even some love for Valentine's Day. Here are a few suggestions for special gifts for loved ones, especially living gifts that will grow and prosper alongside a relationship.

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