1. Four easy steps to make a herb basket

    Grow your own herbs for a divine culinary feast 

    It’s barbecue season! Grow herbs to add zing to your outdoor dining experience – it’s easy! Just pop some edible plants in pots or in the ground now and you will have herbs lasting all summer-long.  Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver offers a great chicken recipe for the barbecue and there are more enticing recipes using fresh herbs here. Read more
  2. On your toes, get set... GROW - tomatoes! But why shouldn't you grow them from standard fruit seed?

    If you are thinking of growing tomotoes by using seed from fruit you are eating, a word of helpful advice. DON'T! But why not? 

    Firstly, let's look at WHEN you might start to grow tomatoes. They actually take quite a long time, at least least four months from sowing to fruiting. You can grow seeds very early in the spring season so that you can expect to eat their fruits at the end of summer. You can also buy your tomatoes as small plants slightly later in the spring. That might help you to laugh all the way to the larder.

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